Nicolo's Pizzeria

Nicolo's Pizzeria

Nicolo's PizzeriaNicolo's PizzeriaNicolo's Pizzeria

Making Fantastic Food Since The '80's! Serving Old Bridge and parts of Monroe, Spotswood and East Brunswick

About Us



Nicolo's Pizzeria is a family-owned and family-run business. We mean "family" in the way that we are all family, not by blood, but by our love of making great food for the people of South Old Bridge. It's a restaurant that acts almost as a home away from home for our workers, and for our longstanding return customers of over 30 years!



Our customers are some of our best friends. We hope to get to know every one of you so that we can understand your specific needs and preferences. Early on in our time here we were all taught by those who came before us that one of the most important parts of our job was to be an ear for the community. Feel free to have some conversations with us when you come in to pick up your orders, tell us about your day!


Our Team

The staff members at Nicolo's Pizzeria are a tight-knit group of associates who work tirelessly to help anyone who walks through our door. Most of us have been coming here since we were kids, and have a strong bond with the business because of it. Long after our workers move on to other positions, they still manage to visit us as often as they can, and even lend a helping hand whenever we need it. So in that regard, don't be afraid to let us know if there's anything we can do to help YOU. Whether that be going the extra mile to make your order special, or to fix some sort of unforeseen human errors. We will not hesitate to do so.
We do this because we care, not because we have to!